EPISODE 5: What does being self reliant and prepared mean to you?


In this episode I talk about peoples basic needs. I give you examples of what I do to fulfill my basic needs as well as my family. I talk about the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that we are involved with. I also talk about buying local beef once a year and the importance of a generator to protect your investment. I briefly touch on the subject of long term food storage and the importance of having your own garden. I also talk about water and filtration along with having a secondary form of shelter. The new schedule for the show will be Tuesday and Friday nights. Here are some links that are related to today’s show.

CSA’s of the Last Green Valley        This is an example of what CSA’s have to offer

beprepared.com      This is a great long term storage food supplier that I have had very good experience with.

berkeyfilters.com    This is the Berkey water filter site.

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