EPISODE 4: Changing and fixing that flat tire


In this episode of The Yankee Podcast I talk to you about changing a flat tire. I tell you step by step how to go about preparing for the inevitable flat tire. From finding a safe level surface to getting back on the road. I also explain how to plug a tire if need be. One thing that I did not mention in the podcast is that it is not advisable to plug a tire in its sidewall, only the tread area of the tire is recommended.

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  • militiasteve

    Mmmmm that steak smells good. I’ll take mine rear with a side of lug nuts.

  • [...] In this episode I talk about the items that I carry with me every day. I also share with you why I have chosen some of these items. To me, these are the absolute bare essentials. There are places that I obviously can’t carry everything, but I do carry everything where I legally can. These items will be different from person to person. What do you carry for your EDC? I would like to hear from you! The Leatherman tool kept me from being stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. I had a perfectly good spare but the bolt that holds the jack in its storage place was rusted stuck. You can hear how it saved me here. [...]

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